Physical Activities from our Sports Co-ordinator

Good morning everyone,
Overall the next 4 weeks, I will be sending out simple YouTube videos and other resources to help keep children and their families active during this time.
They are all activities that require little to no equipment and can be done in the house or in the backyard.
I encourage you to share these resources with your children as keeping healthy and active continues to be one of the top priorities.
Today’s links are:

A: Spin around in a circle 5 times

B: hop on one foot and then on the other 5 times

C: jump up and down 5 times

D: run to the nearest door and back

E: 2 cartwheels

F: 10 jumping jacks

H: Balance on one foot for 20 seconds

L: Pretend to jump rope for 30 seconds

M: Do 2 cartwheels

N: walk backwards 20 steps

O: do the grapevine

P: pick up a ball without usuing your hands

Q: crab walk 10 steps forward and 10 back

R: touch your toes wihtut bending your knees for 10 seconds

T: lie on your back and pretend to ride a bike for 30 seconds

U: flap your arms like a bird for 30 seconds

V: Do 5 burpees

W: Crawl like a bear

X: Do 10 push-ups

Y: Gallop around the room

Z: Do 25-star jumps

Stay safe.
I look froward to seeing you all soon..
Kimberly Machado
KiwiSport Activator: Massey Cluster
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