Helpful information

When should I introduce my child to school?

Children may start school on their 5th birthday.  Pre-entry visits are recommended for all new entrant children.  Visits assist children in developing a sense of belonging.  These take place from 9.00am to 11.00am each day for a week.  We have two intakes in Weeks 1 and 5 each term.

Who do I inform if my child is going to be absent from school?

Please phone the school absence line on 09 833-6005 ext 1 before 9.15am to inform us if your child is absent from school for any reason.  If pupils arrive at school late, we ask that they check in at the school office before making their way to class.

What if my child is sick?

It is not suitable for a child who is unwell to be at school.  If you have doubts about your child’s health you should keep them home for the day.  If they are unwell at school we will look after them in the sick bay and contact the parents.  Should a child be absent from school due to illness, please give us a call.

The school maintains a Sick Bay to provide First Aid treatment.  There are staff trained in first aid and they deal with any accident or illness.  In the event of serious accident or illness, parents/caregivers will be called and if necessary, the child will be taken to the doctor or to hospital.  Parents of students requiring  medication must check at the office so that appropriate authorisation and arrangements can be made.

Our health nurse

Our school Public Health Nurse is Bridget Pynenburg. If you have any concerns about the health of your child at school you may contact Bridget on 021 241 8312.

Our Social Worker in School (SWiS) service

Angela O’Connell is our Social Worker in School. Angela is able to work with tamariki and whānau, the school and outside agencies in supporting whanau in achieving the best outcomes for their tamariki.

The phone number to contact our SWiS is 021 428 593 or email

When can I drop my child at school in the morning?

You are welcome to drop your child from 8.30am. Classrooms are unlocked at this time and children are supervised in their classrooms. We do ask that children are ready to start the school day at 8.50am.

If you need to drop your children before 8.30am you can make arrangements with our before and after school care people SKiDs by clicking the link under Enrolment.

What if I need to pick up my child early from school?

Parents who wish to collect their children during the school day are asked to report to the office first and sign their child out before removing them from class.

What if my plans change in the day and I cannot pick up my child, but have arranged for someone else too, do I need to inform the school?

Yes for your child’s safety and the safety of the school please inform the office if someone other than your immediate family is picking your child up.

Our School hours

8.30am                      Children’s classes are unlocked.

8.50am                       Bell is rung for children to make their way to their classroom and prepare for the start of the day.

8.55am                       Class programmes begin.

10.55-11.05am         Morning tea – supervised eating time.

11.05am                      Play time

11.35am                      The bell is rung so children can get a drink, go to the toilet and prepare for class time.

11.40am                     Class resumes.

12.55-1.05pm           Lunch – supervised eating time.

1.05pm                       Play time

1.35pm                       The bell is rung so children can get a drink, go to the toilet and prepare for class time.

1.40pm                       Afternoon lessons begin.

3.00pm                      School finishes.

I would like to be a parent helper, what do I need to do? 

Parent help is welcome, especially for trips, sports, cultural activities and in the classrooms. Please contact teachers if you would like to offer your services.

Where do I buy my child’s stationery?

Stationery for all our children in 2022 is provided free of charge! Stationary packs are already made up and your child will receive all the stationary they need from their classroom teacher.

Is there a hat policy at Don Buck Primary?

Yes, it is compulsory for health and safety reasons for children to wear hats outside during terms 1 & 4. School hats can be ordered in the same way as the rest of the uniform.

There are two playgrounds. Which children are allowed on which playground?

The Junior playground is situated by Space 5. This is for years 1 – 4 tamariki.

The playground behind the Brayshaw Building is for the rest of the school.

Where is the lost property located?

All lost property is kept in the office until the end of term.

Please ensure that all clothing and other items are named.

When is the Road Patrol Team on duty?

School pupils are on crossing duty from 8.20 to 8.50am and 2.55 to 3.10pm with a teacher supervising.

Is there parking for parents at the school?

Parking is available on the streets outside the school, or in our roundabout. For safety we ask that you keep out of the staff car park and off the yellow lines.

What is the role of the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of our school. They set the strategic direction in consultation with its community and provide and review school policies.

How often does the Board of Trustees meet and can I attend the meetings?

The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 4.30pm in the board room. This is a public meeting so anyone from the community can attend. Minutes are available in the office for public record and can be viewed during office hours.

If I have concerns about my child’s progress when is the best time to talk with the teacher?

We encourage parents/caregivers to contact the school if they are concerned about their child’s progress and wish to discuss matters with the teacher. An interview time should be arranged either directly with the teacher or through the school office.

How does the school report to parents on their child’s progress?

We hold parent /teacher conferences in Term 1 and 3, and a full report for each child in terms 2 and 4. Family and whānau are welcome to meet with parents at other times during the year by arranging an appointment with your classroom teacher.