Newsletter 8th March 2019

Thank you to all the families who have complied with the school uniform. There is a reminder below about the correct uniform.


Families can order the school uniform on line, pay and have it delivered to home. Go to – click on “Find your School” – click on Don Buck School – place your order and pay online.

It’s important that we encourage our students to be proud of our uniform by :
• Wearing it every day
• Making sure it is clean
• Making sure it fits well
• Making sure any rips or tears have been repaired


Our school uniform is seen as an important part of our school culture and students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times, including when they arrive and leave school each day. Please support us in this. If your child is wearing incorrect uniform for a day or two, a note must be brought to the class teacher. Any long term problems need to be discussed with the Principal. Watches and simple pierced earring studs are acceptable but no other jewellery may be worn. Nail polish may not be worn. Hair accessories should be simple and match the uniform i.e. black, blue or white.

Girls – School polo shirt, black skorts or black shorts (no bike pants, leggings, jeans or very short shorts or skirts), school jacket, school sunhat, black sandals or black shoes, white or black socks.
Boys – School polo shirt, black shorts or black pants (no jeans, track pants), school jacket, school sunhat, black sandals or black shoes, white or black socks

We are a sun-safe school. During Terms 1 and 4, hats must be worn during all outdoor activities throughout the school day. We have a limited supply of bucket hats which can be purchased from the office for $10.00 each.


Many of our tamariki have shown an interest in joining Kapa Haka this year. Practice/learning sessions are going well with our Kapa Haka tutor Whāea Lesley.
Kia kaha te reo, kia kaha tamariki – Give it a go


Community Night – will be held on Friday 22nd March

Athletics Day – a notice will be sent home informing you of the date and time.

Swimming – starts in week 6 and will continue to week 10. The children involved in swimming have had details sent home.

Life Education – will be here delivering programmes throughout the school in weeks 7 and 8.


Schools are communities and like all communities, things can go wrong from time to time. People react with expected behaviours but when something goes wrong unexpected behaviours are:

• Adults who use bad language in the school environment
• Adults who blame other people’s children in a manner that prevents a good investigation to from being carried out
• Adults who speak rudely to our office staff
• Adults who refuse to listen to the outcome of an investigation

Everything can be worked out if we work together and build on our home/school partnership, that sees your child at school every day, happy and safe in the knowledge that home and school respect each other.

Thank you

Leadership is a privilege and along with privilege comes responsibility.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 leaders
• Patrols
• Moneybox monitors
• Mail monitors
• Library assistants
• Fruit and milk monitors
• Peer support monitors

It is great to see our students enjoying fruit and milk at school. The Pump track is being used each day.

Thank you parents and caregivers for supporting your child and the Don Buck staff.

Kind Regards
Marie Feasey
Acting Principal

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