Newsletter 7th December 2018

NEWSLETTER NO.2 TERM 4                                                      7th December 2018

We are in the final stretch of the term now. This is a very busy time for you all and with that in mind we are keeping things meaningful but not long and drawn out.

Families of prize winners have received the times of the prizegivings.
A mum rang me to say she felt really bad because it was just too big a task trying to get released from her job to attend. That is a common story. Rest assured that your child always gets the same attention and acknowledgement because the families who can attend, always make sure every recipient is congratulated. Parenting can be a most guilt ridden journey. It takes a village to raise a child. No one is judging.
Everyone’s circumstances are different. If you are not able to attend, all will be well.

These will be coming home with the children, on the 20th December. The children are proud of their effort, so it’s important that families know to pour on the praise.
Some pupils have excessive amounts of absenteeism. In a few cases, this has prevented school being able to report on progress. We have given an explanation to you. It will be part of the reporting package.


It’s a great indication of a healthy, caring, supportive

community, when individual families decide to come picnic

at the local school, while their children roam the lovely

fields and playgrounds just enjoying themselves. Perfect

weather helps and our community evening had perfect weather.
Thank you so, so much for continuing to support our school.
The board of trustees work closely as a team to create an inviting school, even with limited funds. The board wishes to thank volunteers who just stepped in to help when they could see it was needed.

We let you know of the sudden death of Mr English. What a shock and what a sad time we are going through.

Trevor Nichol, board member, has temporarily stood down from his position on the board, after offering his services as our stand in caretaker. The board is grateful for this generous gesture as they take some time to look at how they find someone with the skills to be part of the team here as our caretaker.
Trevor has always been on call for all things property. He works very hard for the school. Massey Primary offered us their ground staff support, and we thank them.

HATS! All of us need a hat on our heads in the summer months at school.
Expensive, popular brand hats, without your child’s name clearly marked on them, in fact any piece of clothing that is worn unnamed to school can’t become a huge hunt down and find exercise here for us.
School does all it can to prevent stuff going missing and very little does. Have you checked our lost property pile lately or should I say ”mountain”.

Thanks from the staff to families.
Together home and school has helped your child through another school year.
Together we’ve weathered tricky bits and great bits. From time to time we have mis- communicated to each other, but on the whole, we have managed to guide them along their learning paths. If you feel school could have done this better, I need to know, so that school too, improves as it moves along its learning paths. We are all on one, let’s help each other and do the best we can for the children.

Thank you for all the good ideas, the tips to help us, the support when we have needed it, the yummy baking that magically appears in the staffroom, made for the teachers and helpers, the kindnesses towards other people’s children, the meetings many of you have come to, the notes, advising us of little things that will help us know your child better, making sure your children are on time for the start of school. That last one is the one that truly matters, because pupils feel they have missed the good start of the day and can stay “a bit off” often for the rest of the day.

Thank you for helping us with collecting bits and pieces for learning with.

Thank you for supporting our school. We hope you can keep supporting us for as long as your children attend.


We finish this year at 3.00pm on Thursday 20th December.


Term dates for 2019

Term 1         Thursday 7th February to Friday 12th April

Term 2        Monday 29th April to Friday 5th July

Term 3        Monday 22nd July to Friday 27th September

Term 4        Monday 14th October to Friday 20th December



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