Newsletter 6th December 2019

Newsletter No.4 Term 4                                                               6th December 2019


We work at a steady pace each school day and there’s a comforting rhythm to it, and then……..summer school holidays suddenly loom up on the horizon and year long routines seem to be cast to the wind!
I don’t think it’s just schools that notice the build-up of that sense we are running out of time.  It’s everywhere.

Leaving and arriving
The children have mixed emotions.  Our year 8 children have been counting down the days, but are a bit nostalgic too.  We have had some year 8 families call in to chat as their babies are off to high school and that ends their association with us.  Thanks for the chats and gifts.  It has been our privilege to help you educate your children.

We have had a group of wee ones all coming in at the beginning

of their school years, practising for their first real day at school

next term.  We love their enthusiasm and energy!  We have them

and their families coming in little groups now, so the families get

to know each other and those littlies already recognise classmates.

Over the last 3 weeks we have enrolled more pupils than expected.  If you have a little one starting next term, or any time next year, please contact school and we will put you onto Mrs MaryAnne Carr-Neil our new entrant teacher and she will work with you to make that transition as smooth as possible .

All of us have needs – If your child has a need that we need to know about so we can build the best relationship as possible with them, Mrs Marie Feasey our deputy principal, will listen to your information and take that into account in her role as the school’s special educational needs co-ordinator (senco).  When family and school work together to make a good relationship, children’s needs are somehow easier to meet.  Marie has many years of experience in this area of education and encourages you to call and chat even if you think it’s not overly concerning.  Don’t wait for school to discover the need.

Raffle -We have the most amazing Christmas basket of family goodies, waiting here for you in the office.    There are 1st and 2nd prizes.    Tickets cost $1 for one or $2 for three.  All you need to do is send along your money with your child’s name and the number of tickets required.

We will be drawing the winning tickets on Thursday 12th December and we would love to call you and say you and your family have won the Christmas raffle.


Prizes, certificates awards – A lovely mum pointed out to us that one of her children didn’t get a notification of an award at our prize giving.  I think that is a good point.

We need to remember that most students don’t receive one of these.  Most pupils work away and may never receive a main certificate. That doesn’t seem right sometimes.  We will make sure though that all the children are acknowledged in some way.  Thanks so much for bringing up this point.


School Uniform – Over the holidays we ask you to check your child’s school uniform and order new pieces if they are badly stained, torn or no long fit well.

Ways to order . . .

  1. Visit the webstore at
  2. Email the order form to
  3. Phone (09) 426 9797

Payment options . . .

  1. Via our webstore (credit or debit card)
  2. Direct credit payment to: the School Uniform company. (ASB Bank)       12-3075-0245751-02 (Please add your family name and DON as reference)
  3. Phone us to process a credit or debit card payment.
  4. WINZ Payments – please request Direct Credit as payment method.

Our WINZ Supplier identification number is CUR000076300



11th December . . .Prizegiving.  You will have been notified if your child is receiving a prize.

Junior’s prizegiving starts at 9.00am

Middle & Senior prizegiving starts at 10.00am

12th December  . . .Seniors Movie Day

Middle school’s fun day

13th December  . . .Certificate Prizegiving

18th December  . . .Yr 8 Graduation morning tea

20th December . . .School finishes for the year at 3.00pm

4th February . . . School begins for 2020 at 8.50am



Skids holiday programme – Check out the exciting activities we have planned for the children for our January Holiday Programme at Skids Don Buck (6th – 31st January).

To register/book, please go to and click parent Login (Programme Venue: Don Buck School) or visit us in our skids room at Space 1 to complete an enrolment form.

MSD OSCAR approved.  Work and Income subsidy available.  For more details, call us on 022 654 5248 or email


The Voice of Christmas: WIN A SMART BEDROOM!! – This Christmas morning on Newstalk ZB – it’s “The Voice of Christmas” singing competition on the ‘Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show’.  If you can sing and you’re under 13, call 0800THE VOICE (that’s 0800 843 864) and sing a Christmas carol or Christmas song as your audition.  The grand prize? The ultimate smart bedroom bundle, complete with an Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker and Alexa enabled smart coloured light bulbs!  Then tune in on Christmas morning to Newstalk ZB from 6.00am to see if you’ve won!


LIVE-ACTION CHRISTMAS DRIVE-THRU. – Free entry.  It only takes 5 minutes!  The story of the first Christmas is told with live animals, angels, shepherds and baby Jesus.  Carols sung by live choir.  Open 7.30pm-9.30pm, Thurs 12th – Sat 14th December at Massey Presbyterian Church, 510 Don Buck Road, Westgate.  Ph.833 8153.

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