Newsletter 3rd July

Newsletter No.8 Term 2                                                                              3rd July 2020

We will remember Term 2, 2020 forever as the post-Covid one.

We wish our pupils a restful time with Whanau and friends.  We wish good health for families.

Today we have sent home our assessment and message to each pupil.  Some pupils have a letter instead.  This explains how continuous absences have prevented a progress report.

We remind you that at any time, you can make arrangements to have an appointment to talk more with the teacher or management.

This week has been a week of school meeting with some of you and in all cases, the comment included…

“Thanks for giving us time to ask questions and listen to what the school is doing for our child and we weren’t rushed!”

One mum said ”I listen to other parents.  Now I’m going to tell them, why don’t you go to school and find out .”


Next term, Term 3, begins on Monday 20th July and ends on Friday 25th September.


Here are some important dates for you to keep in mind, so they don’t rush up and catch you off guard.

Marbles Season – 20th July through to 31st July

Waitakere College Open Night Thursday 23rd July 6.30pm

Teacher Only Day Monday 3rd August

Massey High Open Night Monday 3rd August

School Photo Day Monday 17th August

“Keeping ourselves safe” Parent meeting 3.15 Wed 19th August

Book Fair 21st – 25th September

Book Character Parade Friday 25th September


Message from our support worker in school (SWiS), Angela O’Connell.

I’m Angela O’Connell and I’m loving my new position here.  While the pupils see me in the playground and in their classes, I don’t know the families yet.

I can offer support for your family any time, but if times are stressful and grief is part of your journey, I’m here to listen and support.  If sourcing a food parcel is important, or if someone in the family has lost a job, is finding it challenging and not knowing how to seek the most effective support, call me on 021 428 593.  Our conversations are always confidential.

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