Newsletter 29th March 2019

Thank you to all our families who supported our community evening on Friday 22nd March.

It was good to gather together to share and reflect on Christchurch then to share in a fun, action and food evening.   We raised $801.  This will go towards play based learning and paying for buses for trips.  Congratulations to Penny Harre of Sp.3 for winning the Cake raffle with ticket Red Heart C 025.

The icecream sales raised $334 and this will be put towards a water trough or builders table for play based learning.  Thank you for your support of this also.

School is a place of learning where mistakes will be made and learnt from.  Children are encouraged to be brave, take action, be pro-active and give things a go.

At school we have expected behaviours where children use their key competencies i.e. self- management, relating to others, thinking and participation.  Ask your children how they use these competencies at school and at home.

Life Education was here from 18th March to 26th March.  Michelle Brown, the Life Education teacher, let the children and staff know what good students we have and what a good school we are and how she would like to be back at our school next time Life Education is here.  The children can share with you what they learnt.

Swimming is ongoing, it finishes Wednesday 11th April.


Juniors will be held on Monday 1st April 9.15 – 11.00ish

Middle and Seniors will be held on Thursday 4th April 9.15 – 11.00ish






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