Newsletter 22nd June 2020



Last Friday, 18th June, a family lost a loved one to violence.  The community lost a protector of the law.  While the police were searching for the offender, we were ordered into lockdown.


During this time, the crisis management team here worked closely with the police.  We positioned children and staff as near to internal toilets and drinking water as we could.  The police didn’t know how long we needed to remain in lockdown.


The children and staff received messages from me on a regular basis.

We sent emails to all families who have connected with us.

We put regular updates on Facebook and our website.

Thanks for your quick responses.   It helped us know we were being heard


Some of you tried phoning in. A school in lockdown is unable to answer phones.

It is unable to pass personal messages to people onsite.

It is unable to return your call.

The  crisis management team can work smart to keep everyone safe.


Please don’t travel to the school if you have received information we are in lockdown.  You put yourself at risk.  We can’t help you by coming out.  We are in Lockdown.

Waiting at home, receiving our updates is the safest option.


Thank you for your support.

Jennice Murray