Newsletter 21st September 2018

We are a week away from the end of term.  We finish on Friday 28th September and we come back on Monday 15th October.

The end can’t come soon enough for lots of pupils and staff, because we have had the

toughest ten weeks for many years with so much ill health.  Like other schools all around NZ,

we have had to combine classes, hunt out relievers and manage pupil absenteeism and chronic

unwellness, sometimes with several staff absent.
What we have learnt though, is that, on the whole, most families understood when we couldn’t

keep appointments etc.  Thank you for the ongoing support. This community is daily proof of

kindness and appreciation of what we are doing here.  For those few who got a bit cross with

us and felt we let you down, sorry.  At any given moment in time, everyone gives it their best

shot and there will always be a few people we can never please.

BEST NEWS!! if you like bikes and scooters, that is.
Our school applied to get a Modular Pump Track.  We got it!  As soon as get it made and figure out how to use it, pupils will be able to make full use of it.

Amazing performing arts achievement – We thank all the children for the amazing dance concert they presented. Lots of you came along, thanks, the whole school watched each class perform on the Thursday of concert week and the experience was just what we needed.  Thanks go to Mrs Gibbons who soldiered on with training the whole school amidst the sickness chaos. What an amazing bunch of children we have at this school.


Library support thanks – Our school librarian, Miss Sim is so grateful to all the support you gave the children and the library during book week.  It was lovely to see so many families in there trying to choose a good book etc.  Thank you again.

Amnesty week. Next week we are having a school book, school reader, school journal

amnesty.  So look under beds, on top of the fridge, behind the couch, in the wardrobe,

anywhere in the house. Your family will be the hero if they bring these into us.  We have

a really tight budget, so every found book is like gold to us.

Art display success.

We are exhibiting a lot of our pupils’ art pieces at Northwest Mall in a space next to “Collette” the bag shop.  Mrs Way, our art teacher, got us a great position. The display is there until Sunday. You must go and see it. We will be displaying it around the school when we bring it home too. Thanks go to all the artists and Mrs Way.

Senior School Speech Competition results.

Recently our very best speeches were presented by our speech finalists.  They all worked

extremely hard to make their speech a success.  Congratulations to you all.

The placings are as follows . . .


Yr.7    1st Zerach Polima      2nd Danielle Fusin/Selvana Hassan       3rd Victoria Armstrong.


Yr.8    1st Dylan Tucker       2nd Mia Duindam/Laura Tevaga            3rd Astika Kumar/Hmung TaiThul


Overall Winner  :  Dylan Tucker



Tricky conversation coming up.
All pupils have undergone education in Keeping Themselves Safe.  This is an essential component of our health curriculum and we use the experts to deliver this, the N.Z. Police.  The Police Education Officers spoke with every class several times, and the children learned what they can do to keep themselves and other children safe from violence in their homes and within the family – they know it’s called domestic violence.  They now know that if people in their lives regularly yell nasty things at them, threaten to hurt them or others around them, or withhold food, and kindness and care often, they can have a plan to get safe and stop the domestic abuse.
They learnt that being hit by adults or older siblings and younger ones, is abuse.  Most of them clearly knew this is wrong and can’t understand what it would be like to be repeatedly yelled at, hit or deprived of food and warmth and love.
Sadly, some children wanted to tell us that it’s a bit tough at home. 

Below is a list of their concerns . . .
People at home get angry and hit me (us) and tell us we’d better not say anything – it’s happened for ages.
People at home get scary when they get drunk. They make us scared.
Our home fights all the time
I have to look after my brothers and sisters cause I don’t want them getting scared.
Mum and dad say it’s always our fault.
If I yell at them, I get a hiding, but they always yell at me, I don’t get it
We just want mum and dad to like us
I just want to see mum happy, cause my friends mum always smiles at me when she says Hi
I hate going home. I have to pretend I like being there doing all the house work cause if I don’t, it will start again.
When dad gets loud, usually in the weekend, we are all down again. That’s how it is at our place.
I don’t want to talk. Mum has said tell everyone to mind their own business, cause if we don’t she will get us again.

That’s hard to read, I know that. Read it we must because unless we really try to get our heads around parenting without abuse, we are steering our very own children right into abusing their own children in the future.  In this piece I haven’t discussed sexual abuse. 


Help is available for anyone who requires help of any sort for abuse towards children.
It’s a courageous move when a family decides “enough is enough” we are being less than loving to our young ones and we need to work on ourselves, seek help, and mend again so we can feel the love we know we really do have for our children and they can feel our love and see it.

Talk needs to be replaced by committed actions by the leaders in our families.

That is exactly what two families I know have told me they are doing,
Both families called in to say they needed a bit of help and what a privilege it is for me to be part of these wonderfully honest families’ journey, ever so briefly.
Thanks go to Mrs Riggs our A.P. and organiser of the health and safety programmes we deliver at Don Buck School.

If you wish to talk to us, I can assure you of confidentiality, and a plan to set you on the road to a happier family feeling.
Please try to understand that school is on your side when you are doing all you can to do the right thing. It’s much harder for us to be helpful if you are always cross with us. No one wins.

Social media bad behaviour.
School encourages families to manage this by taking offensive or threatening comments to the authorities.
Most pupils here have very firm home boundaries on this and your ideas would be welcomed.  We will let families know how you deal with it all.

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