Newsletter 19th October 2018

Welcome to the best school term.  It’s the best for several reasons. 

1.     It’s not too hot but we can all get out and partake in outdoor learning

2.    We can use the big fields!

3.    Children show confidence and competence at school in this term because the relationships are established and life here has a predictability about it.

Of course the children know “the big holidays” are next.  This is sometimes great news . . .  but if you are a year 8 pupil, about to go from being a big fish in a little pond to a tiny little fish in a huge high school pond, these upcoming holidays are a bit of a mixture of emotions.





Ø  Jackets are piling up in lost property.  Please write your child’s name on their clothing.  We can’t return it to them otherwise.

Ø  Children drink more in warm weather.  We encourage them to do this.  We don’t have soft drinks at school we encourage water and milk only.  Huge E drinks are not even healthy for young children to be drinking every day.

Ø  The sun burns.  Please put sunscreen on your children before they leave for school.


Ø  HATS PLEASE – this term and next.


        Our SUNSAFE POLICY reads . . .


Exposure to our sunshine has been proven to be a hazard to health.  Children need to be provided

with shade areas which will provide protection from the sun.



At Don Buck Primary School it is compulsary for children to wear a sunhat at school during

Terms 1 and 4.

Children without a hat will be required to sit under designated shade areas.

We promote sunsafe messages in our curriculum delivery.

Staff provide positive role models by wearing hats when outside.

Shade areas are maintained and up-graded each year.

Staff consider the impact of the sun when teaching outside.


Don’t be tempted to allow your child to wear a very expensive hat to school.  Some hats are truly expensive – not for school – just a plain black hat or plain white hat is all they need with their name inside.


Ø  Bees and wasps are about – please inform school if your child has a sting allergy requiring medical intervention.  Make sure we have the medication at school.



Kashys Kirby from our senior school was recalled to the N.Z. Dance Company’s spring school in the holidays.  Kashys is passionate about dance.  He performed with the NZ Dance Company at our Auckland War Memorial Museum.  We are proud to see Kashys following his dream and wish him well in the future.

Thanks to his Don Buck dance tutor, Eliza Gibbons, his talent and passion were spotted and she found the pathway for him to the N.Z. Dance Company.



You may have seen the familiar caravan parked up inside our gate.  Our therapists are here to check every pupil’s teeth.  They will be here for about 6 months.  We welcome their wonderful service to our school.



The Year 8 pupils had their inoculation on Tuesday.  The nurses acknowledged the family commitment in our school and thank all our year 8 parents/caregivers for completing the needed documentation.


SAD NEWS . . .

Soon Mrs Eliza Gibbons, our Dance and Drama expert teacher and classroom teacher, is leaving Auckland along with her husband and children, for a new life in provincial N.Z.  Everyone here is going to miss Eliza’s skills and her amazing ideas that all the children learn from.

We wish them happiness in their new adventure.



This was held at Massey High School on Wednesday.  The teams and staff walked up to the event.  For some of our players it was their first time representing their school.  They did very well – the girls team came 2nd and the boys team came 3rd.  12 schools took part.  Mr Murray, sports teacher and Mrs Way managed the teams.  They wish to convey to the team members, how proud they were of them for how well they played and managed themselves.



Absent – late – gone home early – away on holiday!  Parents worry after Ministry phone calls.

I’ve spoken with families who have had their children away from school for more than 20 days.  Yes, Ministry of Education asks schools to forward this information to them.

·       In N.Z. it is illegal to keep children away from school unless they are sick.

·       Schools require a note/phone message when your child is absent

·       If your child is chronically sick, school will notify Northern Health School so they can meet with school and family to make sure learning is not being neglected

·       Doctor’s certificates are required when your child has been absent more than 3 days

·       Being regularly late to school is also unacceptable

·       A child being regularly picked up before 3.00pm is unacceptable.

It is family’s responsibility to have the child in school  Monday to Friday, 8.50am to 3.00pm.  Schools are legal entities and must report the correct info to the Ministry, so every time your child arrives after 8.55am and every time they leave before 3.00pm, it is reported to the Ministry of Education.



Taking pupils away from school for holidays during term time is deemed as an unjustified absence and we report it that way.  You will be asked to supply a letter covering holiday dates.

Sadly, pupils have either had to re-enrol or go to another school on their return, if they have not communicated with the school about their plans and supplied the necessary documentation.

The Ministry of Education will contact families to ask them to comply with the law about school attendance here.

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