Newsletter 18th September

NEWSLETTER NO. 4 TERM 3                                                                       18th Hepetema 2020

Kia Ora Whanau,


Below is a letter from the Ministry of Education to all our families


Kia ora


Our extended community are continuing to take COVID-19 seriously through using the COVID tracer App, staying away if they are sick, seeking medical advice and getting tested if recommended to do so. Thank you all, for your efforts.


While we are doing the right things, it is important that we continue to pay attention to the right information. Misinformation is designed to create panic, fear and confusion. Check your source. Get the real deal from the Ministry of Health or Unite Against COVID-19 websites. The Ministry of Education also provides information for schools and early learning services including specific information for parents and caregivers.

Our knowledge of COVID-19 is developing quickly. But misinformation spreads further and faster. Be part of the solution. Don’t share posts or stories if you’re not sure if they’re true or aren’t from trusted sources like the Ministry of Health or Unite Against COVID-19 websites.


Āraia te kino and protect yourself, your whānau and your whakapapa.


Ngā mihi



We will wait to hear if the alert levels will be changing and will notify you of plans around the changes.


Events have been postponed until level one.

Our senior Volleyball teams, being superbly coached by Heather, have been given postponement notice.  They will now play in the Zone Day next term.

Photos date has been postponed until next term.

The senior pupils’ tech programmes held at another school have been postponed until next term.

Our book week and it’s amazing parade has been postponed until 2021


Nothing is normal with the school year.  We are all learning to adapt to change as we go.

Thank you so much for supporting us by keeping sick children at home, and sending your well children  to school.

Teaching/learning is progressing under alert 2.5 conditions, with children keeping space between them and in the older children’s classes, learning can’t involve peer consultation groupings or peer project think tanks but that’s okay for now.  Please send your well children to school


Pupil’s well-being during Covid

There is a lot of discussion in the education sector around how the children are managing emotionally as they too, live through these changing times.  Thanks for letting school know when your home circumstances have changed and that you are helping your child adapt.

On the whole, we have seen great resilience in your children, we’ve admired the great strategies you are using to help your child move from anxiety to resilience.

School will contact you if we are concerned .


Remember that, at any time, you can contact the office to have an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher about anything to do with your child’s learning progress or well-being here at school.


School holidays for the children begin next Friday 25 September.  We return on Monday 12th October.

A reminder that Monday 2nd November is a Teacher Only Day.