Newsleter 24th July 200



Newsletter No.1 Term 3                                                                           24th July 2020


Welcome back to the school routine.  There’s something to be said for a bit of a rhythm to life, especially for busy families often going in all directions to get to school, kindy or work early in the morning.

It was lovely to welcome a pod of new entrant children who arrived all keen to begin school life.  Being 5 and able to go to school definitely tells the world you’re a big kid now.


If you are one of our new families, you need to know families can always contact us here on 833.6005 or by email on if you have any queries.


Absenteeism can become a habit that is hard for a family to break.

The most important thing we can do for our children, after checking they feel loved and safe, is to gift them the opportunity to an education.  The trick is to really be committed

to 5 days at school every week.

When we talk about learning, sometimes we remember our own experiences.  Perhaps some of us didn’t go to school much.  Perhaps some of us didn’t have education talked about in the home.   Today, schools teach children how to function in the world confidently.  We teach them to ask questions and to expect the adults who love and care for us, to give answers.


The children learn much from the other children as they begin to give opinions, accept other’s ideas well, and know when to show kindness and empathy.  These skills are taught and practised every day.  Reading, writing and speaking, calculating, sciencing, are all happening daily.

If we don’t allow our children the opportunity to be the best people they can be, by checking they get up and off to school every day, we let them down.  It is a right of children to be able to access this gift.

Teachers can’t catch children’s learning up if the family doesn’t get the child here every day.  Schools add value to what parents, as the first teachers, have taught them.


Farewell Mrs Flowers

Mrs Flowers has resigned. We wish her well in her new endeavour.

The space 7 children are now in their new rooms and settling into joining old friends and making new ones.


Rain, hail or shine.

Learning goes on even when the weather is a bit rough.  Raincoats are all part of school equipment.  Pupils with raincoats are able to carry on with outside projects, move about school safe and dry.




Hygiene lessons remain.

This is cold and flu season.

Our messages are still being delivered and taken seriously.

Don’t come to school if you are sick

Wash your hands after using the toilet.

Wash/sanitise hands before eating, after playing with school equipment, before starting back in class after a break.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Stay clear of other people’s moist breath zone


Some families are forgetting to sign our tracking register.  It’s right by the office door.

Please help us track you if we need to.


Drop and drive is working.  Afternoon 3pm pickup is in routine now.

We trust you are noticing that a quick drop off and drive off is working for those of you who give the children a lift to school.

The classes are so much more settled and ready for the day.  8.30 to 8.50 drop off time gets your child well ready for the day here.

A teacher will greet your child at the gate, they then sanitise their hands by the office and go and get ready to chat with friends and their teacher before the bell tells us “school is in”!


Parents who need to come into the school office, just sign in at the office door, and the admin staff will look after you.


The end of the school day sees the pattern reversed.

By 3.00 p.m all the children are on their way.

Here is our safe system . . .

Just before 3.00 p.m, all walkers are safely crossed and away.

The little new entrants walk out last so as not to overwhelm them with

lots of kids behind them wanting to get through.

When walkers have gone, the cars start their pick up.

This all happens in an orderly manner.

Children are not late leaving school.


Thanks so much for your support on this. How the adults are, so shall be the children.

Patience and good humour are definitely needed at home time outside a school gate.



Government devices.

Thank you so much for returning yours, as was required.

This is a gentle reminder to some families, that you need to drop the government device which was lent to you during lockdown, back to school please.


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