Level 2 Information

28th August 2020


We’re looking forward to welcoming all our students and staff back at school on Monday following the return to Alert Level 2. Our health and safety plan is in place as it has been under every alert level, and you can be assured we’ll continue doing everything we can to keep children safe.


Back to school Monday 31st August

Children need to be arriving at school between 8.30 and 8.50am.  No early drop offs please unless your child is enrolled at Skids.  We have left messages or spoken to families whose children are often late for school.  Please no late arrivals as it’s very unsettling for the children and inconvenient to class time.  Your child needs to be present at the start of every school day.  Thanks for accepting this responsibility


We are asking that adults don’t come on site if they don’t need to.

At the gate, staff will welcome your child and they will go direct to their class where their teacher will welcome them.


We’re continuing contact tracing by having a QR code poster at our office entrance, so please check in every time you come onsite.


If you haven’t already downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app the Ministry of Health’s website has information to help you do that. We’ll also keep a visitor register for anyone who doesn’t have the app, and also for anyone who comes onsite for a period of time. This will help us with contact tracing in the unlikely case it is needed.


Please also use the hand sanitiser provided.


Table/desk arrangement

Your child’s class teacher and I have set up a safe room, keeping distance in mind.  Learning will be physically different.  Children will be taught to stay out of other’s breathing space.

All rooms look a little different.  All rooms have sanitisers, access to soap and water and paper towels.  Only teachers and pupils will be in the rooms, no other adults. Thanks for your support as we get through as safely as possible to Alert Level 1


Food /drinks from home please.

Lunches packed from home and a filled water bottle needs to come with the children and be in their bags.  We won’t be accepting drop off food.  We will check each morning at roll call that all the pupils have their food for the day.  Don’t hesitate to call school if food for your child is difficult.  We can put you in touch with several excellent agencies which help the community with this.


Pickup time/home time 3pm

Please be at school to pick up your children between 3 pm and 3.10pm.

No early pickups please unless it is urgent.  One adult only contacts us from the gate and we will serve you.


All children who walk home will be set off first and those crossing our pedestrian crossing will be accompanied by staff to the crossing at 3.55 and crossed on the 3pm bell.

Those pupils getting picked up will come out the gate at 3pm, so the two groups will be separate.  Please wait in your car if you are parking in the car park.  We advise you to park on the road so you don’t get stuck in the car park though.

We ask for kindness and patience as we get the children gone from school by 3.15 at the latest.


Please don’t not keep your child waiting at school after 3.10 pm.  The exception being, your child attends Skids after school care.  Skids contact details are available on our website


At home, please continue with good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, appropriate physical distancing when out and about and keeping your child home if they are sick.


Face coverings are another way we can help keep ourselves and others safe. The Prime Minister has announced that face coverings will be required on public transport from next Monday, at Alert Level 2 and above. This does not apply to any child who is under 12 years of age and does not apply to school transport (we have good systems in place to manage safety on school transport).


Public Health officials have advised that children under the age of 6 should not wear face coverings.


Children and young people do not need to wear face coverings at school. Other public health control measures are in place including children and staff staying home if they are sick, contact tracing, and hygiene requirements.


If your child doesn’t need to wear a face covering but they want to, that’s fine.

For more information about public health measures at Alert Level 2 you can visit the COVID-19 website, and if you have any questions about next week please get in touch.


See you on Monday!


Jennice Murray