Covid Update 2

Greetings families

You will now be adjusting to a further period of Alert Level 3 and working through the impacts this will have for your family and whānau. It is pleasing to see how New Zealanders are responding to this latest outbreak by getting tested if unwell, and staying home.

While most of us are familiar with requirements at Alert Level 3, we will continue to emphasise the importance of:

  • Good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Staying away if sick
  • Keeping an appropriate physical distance from others
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our high touch surfaces daily
  • Staying in our bubbles whether at home or in school
  • Displaying QR code posters at our entrances and encouraging all of our community to download the NZ COVID Tracer App and use it if they come on-site
  • Keeping a visitor register for anyone who cannot use the app and for other essential visitors


We know all these things will help to keep our community as safe as possible. Because of these measures being in place, your child does not need to wear a face covering while at school.

Thank you to the 18 families who have responded to our communication questions.

Those who responded have favoured email.  We will continue also to post on our Facebook page and on the school website too.

If we need to zoom, we’ll send the invitation to you in plenty of time.


Essential workers children.

School is open for essential workers’ children for the next 10 school days.  We will be at the gate at 8.30 each morning, to greet these pupils.  Currently we have one pupil requiring our service.  The children are supervised by a bubble of staff.  The children need a big packed lunch and a drink please.  They may bring their bikes or other wheels and their own helmet. If they wish to bring marbles they can and a book they are reading etc.


To the adults staying at home with your children.

While the children are at home for the next 10 school days, school wishes to put no pressure on you to sit your children down to work at work sheets etc and you become their teacher.  As their parent, you don’t need to feel you should “teach” them in case they get behind.  Behind what?  All their peers are away too.  There is no test date, no due dates, no milestone dates in years 1 through to 10.  The covid lockdowns will not cause your child to fail.

Long and repeated absences during the term is what does that.  If you get your children to school when school is open, you need not worry about them failing while they are at home during covid outbreaks.


If the children have fun reading, playing together, Lego building or watching a screen they are still learning.  If you have family projects, use these days for that great time together.

You are in charge.


Don Buck scholar packs

On Monday, contact us if you would like to get a pack for your children.  You are under no obligation from the ministry or school to use these.  Our Don Buck packs are multi purpose.

The packs for year 7/8 are a little more specific.  We don’t need you to mark work and send it to us.  We don’t need you to pick up a pack if you have other family plans.


If you have any questions please send them via email.

While this is a challenging time, it is also a gift of time for families to savour.


We will send more information as it arises

Keep well keep safe.

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