COVID 19 Alert level 3

Covid19 level 3 information.
Dear families,

Your response to the return to alert three has been nothing short of amazing.

School has a skeleton staff onsite for the next three days to supervise those children of essential workers only.
We will keep you informed of any changes to the Government plan to keep Auckland at alert level three for at least three days.

It would help us if you can indicate that you are connected to us on line.
Which is your preferred method of communication e.g. facebook, email, or school website?

If the school needs to communicate via zoom, either to caregivers or pupils, do you have this facility?

Thank you so much for your continued understanding of the school’s top priority which is to keep pupils and families and our staff well in the time of Covid.

Could you please answer the above questions by email to

All questions can be directed to our school email, not facebook please.

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